Company Related Questions

1. Where is your company?

Our manufacturing facility is located at No.83, XiZheng 1st Road,Shajiao Community,Humen Town, Dongguan City ,Guangdong China 523936

2. How long have you been in business?

Our company has been in business for more than 10 years.

3. How big is your factory?

We have approximately 80 full-time employees. We have around 2000 square meters of shop floor space equipped with the latest technology available, dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality PLASTIC and METAL prototype and production parts – Really Fast Parts. We provide the fastest, most affordable, quick turn plastic injection molding, Pressure Die Casting, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping parts for all industries.

4. Who is responsible for my project?

Each project is assigned to a senior level Technical Sales Manager and a Project Manager, who will be there from project launch to the delivery of your parts.

5. Could I get a tour of 3DLT facility?

Absolutely. We are glad to have you to visit us here so you can meet our professional team and see our state of the art machinery first-hand. Simply call us at +86 0769 89366747 or email by filling out our form at Contact Us

Project & Technical Questions

1. What types of files do you accept?

We accept 3D CAD files in STEP or IGS format.

2. How to start my project?

To start your project, please send us an email with the 3D CAD data (preferably in STEP or IGS format), or by filling out the “Contact Us” webform. Please try to include the following:

Quantity, material, color and surface finish.

3. Do you sign NDAs?

Your privacy and trust are very important to us at roche industry. We will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that your intellectual property remains secret and your personal information is secure.

4. Can you offer design-drawing services for me?

Actually, we do offer design-drawing services; we not only manufacture products according to customer’s ready-made 3D drawings, but also design parts for you. If you need any help for your design, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5. What types of material do you work with?

Roche industry work with almost any metal, plastic, resin that you want. Please do contact us if you have any specific requirements that not shown in our material selection list.

6. Can I provide the material with you for manufacture?

Of course, we are willing to use the material provided by the clients as long as the material is processable in our machines.

7. What materials can you manufacture through injection molding?

Customers should consider application, color, mechanical characteristics, function, and cost when choosing the right material for your custom plastic injection molding parts. Roche’s injection molded plastic list contains the widely-used material for plastic injection molding. If you need help selecting material, please let us know. Also, if you need a specific material that not enlisted, please feel free to contact us, special material can be purchased for sure.

8. What if we are not satisfied with the quality of parts?

Please be rest assured that all of our products are inspected and the inspection data will be record in the inspection report before delivery to minimize the possibility of defects. Please contact us immediately with pictures if you are not satisfied with parts when you receive them. We will investigate the root reason and have parts reworked or repaired at the first time.

Please be kindly informed that T1 samples (first off-the-tool sample parts to you for evaluation) are never completely satisfactory. For example, T1 samples rarely carry the final surface texture as the customer often finds the need to make a design change when they received samples.

9. What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

There is no job too small for us. We don’t set MOQ but we do have setup charges, but they have large discounts over quantities as the fixed setup price is amortized over the order parts. The exact cost of the setup varies based on manufacture complexity and material required for the parts.

We don’t have maximum order quantity neither. You can order any part from 1 up to 100,000+.

10. What colors can you match?

We can match any color. We can work from a color chip, Pantone color, RAL color, or an existing finished part.

11. What type of CAD files your accept?

We prefer 3D CAD model in STP or STEP file formate. We can also accept AMF, CGR, EPRT, HCG, HSF, IFC, IGS, IGES, PRT, PRTDOT, SAT, SLDLFP, SLDPRT, VDA, WRL, XAML, X_B, X_T, 3DXML and 3D DWG file types for quotation. We can also accept PDF, JPG and 2D DXF files.

Please ask us if we’ll be able to work with your file formate or convert it – chances are we can. If you need assistance with getting your design into an acceptable file format, we can help you out with that as well.

12. Can I get samples? What is sample cost?

Samples typically offered no charge with tooling order. 5 pieces/sets of T1 samples are always offered for tool approval. (T1: first off-the-tool sample parts for your evaluation)

We are also willing to offer you free sample to test the quality of finished rapid prototyping products.

Financials Questions

1. What are your payment terms?

1. Prototype Payment Terms:We request 100% payment up front for new customers. Credit will be offered after a certain number of orders and approval from our accounting department.

2. Tooling Payment Terms:50% upfront and 50% after sample approval. Sample production will begin after 50% upfront payment is made. If no approval received within 30 days of first sample shipment, the balance of 50% will be due.

If a delay is caused by the customer, (e.g. design change), the customer shall pay the 50% balance amount and we will continue with the order upon receipt of the remaining 50% balance.

3. Product Payment Terms:Payment in advance. The moulding project will commence after receiving 100% payment up front.

We accepts payment in two ways:

— Bank-to-bank wire transfer. We have accounts in both Hong Kong and China.

— Paypal – We can send you a PayPal invoice and you can use your PayPal account to pay.

Terms are negotiable with each individual customer.

2. How can we make the payment?

We accepts payment in two ways:

1. Bank-to-bank wire transfer. We have accounts in both Hong Kong and China.

2. Paypal – We can send you a PayPal invoice and you can use your PayPal account to pay.