While 3D printing has been around for many years, it’s popularity has been on a steady rise in recent years. New 3D printing applications are constantly being developed but there are applications that seem to have made a great impact on people’s lives.

Much of the rationale for the recent upswing in 3D printing use is that it’s an easy technology which has been utilized in applications of different types of fields. In its early years, 3D printing presented high entry costs. 3D printer models and materials were expensive.

In recent years, with improvements and variations within the technologies of both the machines and materials utilized in them, costs are coming down, making 3D printing applications more accessible and cost-effective, across all the industries involved.

Here are the eight most pronounced applications of 3D printing that you should know:

Greatest 3D Printing Applications

1. Education

Education is one of the sectors that has felt the impact of 3D printing. This technology has even been fully incorporated into the most school curriculum. It is used by both teachers and students for performing different tasks.

One of the ways in which 3D printing is used in education is for translating ideas into actual objects. 3D printers are available in classrooms, libraries, and laboratories where students can use them for creating physical objects.

Subjects such as science mathematics and technology are utilizing 3Dtechnology to create prototypes of the things that they have learned. For instance, biology students can create animal and human body specimens using 3D models.

In the field of chemistry, 3D models are used for creating chemical compounds, atoms, and molecules.

This helps in the efficient delivery of education.

2. Building and Construction

Construction is another field that has been greatly impacted by the revolution of 3D printing. This technology offers a wide range of solutions that builders and engineers use for constructing buildings.

One of the most outstanding innovations is 3D-printed houses. These are houses that are built from scratch through 3D printing. History was made in 2017 when a 3D printer was used for printing the first 3D living building in Yaroslav, Russia.

Another way in which 3D printing is used is for creating complete models of buildings. Once the architecture draws 2D designs of the buildings, it is taken to a 3D printer where you can view it through a 3 dimension. This will gives other stakeholders a visual clarity of what to expect from the buildings.

Still in this field, 3D printing is used for fabricating components that are used for building and construction. This allows for the mass production of the components at a low cost.

Greatest 3D Printing Applications

3. Medicine

3D printing has revolutionized the field of medicine in many different ways. One of the products of 3D printing is bioprinting. This is where different biomaterials are used for creating tissue-like structures that are similar to those that are found in the body.

Prosthetics are also evidence of a revolution of 3D printing in the medical industry. Initially, it was very hard to produce prosthetics that will fit into a patent perfectly. Since the invention of 3D printing, prosthetics have become cheaper and easily available.

Orthopaedic implants and bioprinting have been made possible due to 3D printing. 3D printing is also used for creating models that simulate body organs and are used for conducting pharma tests.

4. Manufacturing and Prototyping

This is one of the most obvious applications of 3D printing. Nowadays, manufacturers are fully dependant on 3D printing for creating their products.

Through 3D printing, manufacturers can do rapid prototyping. This is where they can create models of the final product within a short time. This not only saves time but also the cost of manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping has given manufacturers the capacity to embrace mass production. They can now manufacture large quantities of products at a low cost.

Thanks to 3D printing, manufacturers can now concentrate on creating high quality and sophisticated products. This is attributed to the accuracy or preciseness of this additive manufacturing technology.

The technology also minimizes the wastage of raw materials while at the same time allowing manufacturers to explore different designs.

Greatest 3D Printing Applications

5. Aviation

It is impossible to ignore the impact that 3D has had in the field of aviation. The technology has proven to be the most effective way of making parts of aircraft.

Components such as the blades, wings, and even parts of a plane’s engine are made out of additive manufacturing processes. The accuracy of 3D printing is just among the many reasons why it plays a critical role in the aviation industry.

Apart from aeroplanes, 3D is also used for manufacturing drones and its components.

6. Automotive industry

Not only is 3D printing making its impact on air transport but also the road. It is widely embraced in many aspects of the automotive.

The technology is used for making different parts of vehicles. Sensitive parts such as components of a car engine are manufactured through 3D printing.

Fairings or covers of motorcycles are also made through 3D printing. Through additive manufacturing, we are now witnessing the cost of automotive parts coming down.

7. Arts and Jewels

Well, this is one of the most unfamiliar applications of 3D printing yet it has a high impact.

Different pieces of modern jewelry are made through additive manufacturing. This technology allows designers and artisans to come up with different designs of jewelry.

One thing that makes this possible is the versatility of 3D printing. The technology can work on different materials such as gold, aluminum, platinum among others.

Greatest 3D Printing Applications

8. Clothing and footwear

3D printing has also made some impact in the fashion world. Modern fabric embellishments are a product of the additive manufacturing process. The same applies to footwear where the process used for making cheaper customized shoes.

From this post, it is clear that 3D printing is having a major impact on different industries. These are just among the most prolific applications of 3D printing. We expect to see more such as this technology evolves.

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